Welcome to the official website of author Dorothy Zayne, AKA Dorothy Jean Schroeder.


About the Author:

Dorothy Zayne is the pseudonym of a Northwest author who grew up on the west side of the Cascade Mountains of Washington State. She has had a lifelong fascination with horses and when the family moved to the wide-open hills and valleys on the east side of the mountains, she was able to have her own horse. She loved to “race the wind” with her riding friends on her horse, Banner. And, she likes to add, “Banner always won.” A few years later, she lived briefly on the Diamond A Cattle Ranch in New Mexico during the roundup in the fall.

Dorothy was an avid reader by the age of ten, and one day she started reading a western adventure story that was serialized in her older brother’s Boy Scout magazine, Open Road for Boys. She was captivated by the story and it inspired her to start writing her first novel when she was eleven years old.

She was unable to do much creative writing while she and her husband Ken were raising their family, but she took the manuscript whenever she had a week’s vacation - often to a cabin on a rushing river - and she completed the novel, The Legend of High Lonesome Ridge, about forty years later. Then she started writing The Dark Side of the Rainbow, which she finished in 1980. It was published in 2013.

She has written many true stories over the years that were published in magazines and newspapers, and she has written two non-fiction books; Pilchuck Valley Reflections and Daisy Moore, My Hoosier Grandmother. She said that writing a novel is far more challenging, but it’s also more fun than writing true stories, and “...getting all my books published is my lifetime dream.”